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[sticky post] Masterlist of HD-storyroom recs

You can now search all the fic recs so far posted to hd_storyroom at this google spreadsheet.

(Up-to-date as of 14-May-2017)

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Title: How To Catch A Weasley (And Maybe A Potter, Too)
Author: anon for now **part of the hd_remix fest**
Rating: R
Word Count: 7,600
Summary: In which Pansy has a crush and needs Draco's help, Draco has a crush but staunchly refuses to admit it, Potter might have a crush, but is as infuriating as always, and no one knows what the hell Wealsey is thinking--likely not even himself.

Why I loved it: Super cute and fun! It's a great remix too, which perfectly weaves in all the happenings in the original (which was a Ron/Pansy fic with HD in the background) to show us how Harry and Draco got where they are, and how the misunderstandings could multiply. The summary is spot on: all of them are haplessly dancing around what they each really want, and there's mutual pining, and fantastic banter too. And let me tell you, the kiss, oh! their kiss is SO HOT. Even though the sex is offscreen, the UST absolutely sizzles.
Note that you don't have to read the orginal fic to enjoy this remix, though I always recommend it :)

“They’re not ridiculous. He’s ridiculous,” Draco sulks, knowing he’s being childish. So what if he likes fighting with Potter? It’s what they’re good at, after all. Pansy just laughs, which only serves to irritate him further. “What do you want, really?”

She gives him a hard, assessing look for a moment. Draco takes a deliberate sip of his coffee as he waits her out.

“I want you to ask Potter if he and Weasley will join us,” she finally says on one long breath.

This. This is what those years with the Dark Lord living under his roof have trained him for. This very moment, and Draco finds himself grateful for it, as he manages—by a very small margin—not to spit out his mouthful of coffee all over his paperwork.

“Why in the name of Merlin’s saggy tits would I do that?” he demands in an undignified yelp after swallowing.

She rolls her eyes. “Come on, Draco,” she says plaintively, dropping all pretence. “You have fun—I know you do. Fighting with Potter is practically foreplay for you.”

Draco flushes. “That’s not—it’s not like that for—I hate you so—Why not just see if we see them there again? It’s not as if they ever seem to go anywhere else.”

“Because I don’t want to leave it up to chance that they’ll keep sharing their table,” she snips, eyes gone cagey.

He scowls at her. “I’m not so stupid as you seem to think me, love,” he says silkily. “You’re not that interested in my wanking fantasies. What’s in it for you?”

Her eyes light up triumphantly. “So you admit to wanking over him! Merlin, Blaise owes me from a bet made ten bloody years ago. I wonder if I can collect interest.”

Title: The Shape Of The World Is The Shape Of You In It
Author: Anon
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 3100
Warnings: Memory loss
Summary: He has dreams, and they are only small parts of a world he probably knows.

Why I Loved It: I just... This is one of those fics that makes you read it in stunned silence to better absorb the gorgeousness of the prose. Full disclosure: It's a remix of my own story, The Shape of the World. Even fuller disclosure: It would be one of my favorite fics, ever, even if it weren't. It's beautifully written, and takes place in Harry's (he calls himself James) life as he navigates the dreams that tease him with his lost identity, and the life that he's built for himself in California. It has these wonderful depictions of his life, too, from his work to hobbies to the cast of characters around him, and his interaction with Draco is just--perfect. So, so perfect. The whole thing is really lovely, feels almost like music while you read, and I got lost in it immediately. It's also perfect as a standalone if you don't have time or don't want to read the story it remixed; it makes complete sense on it's own, and very, very worth the read.

Excerpt (Optional):
James is lucky, and he knows it. This place is bright, but anything with such a sheen has a stack of shadows lurking underneath. He's lucky and he knows it; possibly because he once knew the grit of shadows. He's lucky and he doesn't remember why.

The chime at the entrance releases its demanding little tune as one of the tourists from before steps in, looking from side to side. He's very tall, and very thin and very blond. James can feel the force of Jeff's astronomical smirk as he makes his way over.

"Hi," the tourist says, "you've got some real nice stuff in here," and it's in the broad roll of an Australian native. James knows these things; Jeff has lost too many bets to doubt his word now. "Ah, I like that board. Pity I can't take it back home."

"Yeah, real pity," James says, feeling the corners of his lips curl up in a smile. "But you can try something smaller?"

The man stares at him with slightly raised eyebrows and then smiles in return.

James sells four t-shirts that day, and goes out that night with Max, who hails from Queensland and is a surfer himself. Max is funny, and he makes James laugh. He's a temporary fix, but James has no idea what is broken.

Fic Rec: The Shadows Where We Meet

Title: Shadows Where We Meet
Author: Anon
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 2180
Warnings: n/a
Summary: Their secret relationship is starting to be a point of contention for Harry when he tires of faking fights with his boyfriend.
Why I Loved It: For a short fic, this has so much in it! The secret relationship pining-to-come-out on Harry's part, Draco's insecurity, all the sweet feels that comes with Harry and Draco young and in love at Hogwarts! Plus super sweet/sexy snogging in the (not entirely) deserted halls of the school. It's funny and gives you a little ache and, oh, should be read right away for an instant smile.

Excerpt (Optional):

“You barmy arsehole,” Draco finally said after several quiet beats where the only noise in the corridor was their uneven breathing. “Why don’t you ever just listen instead of jumping to conclusions?”

“It’s kept me alive this long.” Harry shrugged unapologetically.

Draco rolled his eyes and his lips twitched into an affectionate smirk, so different from the way he used to smirk at him for years with malice and superiority.

“Idiotic, reckless Gryffindor,” he muttered. “Now, are you going to listen, or do I have to Incarcerus you?”
While I haven't had the opportunity to read all of the fics from the H/D remix fest yet, these two deserved to be recc'd right away. :)

Title: A Hot Cross Bundle of Draco MalfoyA Hot Cross Bundle of Draco Malfoy
Author: Anon
Rating: PG13
Word Count:3131
Warnings: n/a
Harry and Draco stopped doing whatever it was they were doing months ago. It's over and it hurts but it's fine because Luna has invited Harry over for tea and hot cross buns. Pity she forgot to tell him who her new housemate is...
Why I loved it: This is one of those darling little fics based on the horribly imperfect communication skills between Draco and Harry, which I so adore. Essentially, they had a short affair in the not-so-distant past, and broke up for reasons neither of them want to discuss. Until Luna decides to bake with (?!) Veritaserum, and then they can't shut up. It's such a delightful story, being able to watch them--grudgingly--open up to one another over the course of the fic, which is always one of my favorite things about this pairing.

Excerpt (optional):
Draco shook his head, pulling up the scarf he still had around his neck to mutter something into it. Harry heard the words “hopeless” and “stupid-brilliant”.

“So what’ve we got?” Harry sighed, sitting back down and pulling the plate of hot cross buns towards him. “Veritaserum?”

“I’m afraid so” said Luna, taking another bite of the bun she’d just admitted was dripping with potential humiliation. “Ginny asked me to make them for her Spring Equinox party.”

“Ginny asked you to roofie a set of buns named after a religious execution for her non-denominational party?”

“Well no, she originally asked for Eccles Cakes but—”

“Veritaserum, Luna?”

“She was going to tell everyone, Harry.” Luna’s baleful glance would have cowed someone far more bombastic than Harry. He muttered an apology. The kitchen was silent until-

“You loved fucking me?” said Draco.


“Even though you could barely look me in the eye afterwards?”


“That really is very sad, Harry.” Luna’s face was twisted in sympathy, her left cheek bulging with bun.

Fic Rec: Rita Talk

TitleRita Talk
Author: jadepresley
Rating: PG13
Word Count:2700
Warnings: alternative format
Summary: Harry and Draco join Rita for their first interview since confirming their relationship publicly.
Why I loved it:  This is just a darling little fic.  It's set up in an interview format between Rita and the boys, and is filled with some delicious snark (mostly Draco's, but there's plenty of Sassy!Harry, too), some great one-liners, and a spot-on depiction of the reporter everyone loves to loathe, Rita Skeeter.  I laughed my way throughout, but there are also sweet little bursts of tenderness in it, too.  Short in length, but a great piece to give you a smile.  

Excerpt (optional):

Rita: Of course, I’ve seen some of the speculation surrounding the pair of you and can understand the frustrations you must face -
Harry: It’s you that’s been speculating! And for the record, neither of us is under a love potion.
Rita: - but I’m glad you’ve decided to face the music, and explain your side of the story. Let’s go right back to the beginning, shall we? How did it happen? When did this start? Does this love affair go all the way back to your Hogwarts days? A modern day forbidden love story, perhaps, played out right underneath You-Know-Who’s nose?
Draco: He didn’t have a nose.

Fic rec-The Great British F*** Off

Title: The Great British F*** Off
Author: bangyababy
Word Count:9691
Summary:Ron convinces Harry to join him in a muggle cooking class. When Draco Malfoy and Gregory Goyle show up, things get a little sticky.

Why I loved it:This was so much fun! There's such a lightheartedness to the story, but the author managed to add pining, jealousy, miscommunication, great supporting characters and all of Harry and Draco's competitiveness into the mix to create an absolutely delightful read.

The sex was just *delicious* sassy and so much fun with food mmmmmm good :))))))))

It's great to see Harry and Draco still being competitive, and their arguments are amazing! They were very ic in this. I also loved the side characters Ron and Greg. I liked Harry and Draco's reason for joining the class and reaction to the instructor.

This is so much fun a must read or re read. :)))))

Excerpt“Come on Harry, please?” Ron pleaded.

That was the other thing. Ron really wanted Harry to join him on this latest venture. He said Harry would set him more at ease in a muggle kitchen full of muggles. Besides, Harry already knew the basics, as he had to cook growing up. This way he could hone some of his skills. Harry couldn’t really argue with that logic, the hitch was he just really didn’t enjoy cooking. Perhaps it was left over trauma, or just plain disinterest, but either way Harry wasn’t keen on the idea of taking a cooking course.

But, as Harry looked at his best friend, filled with excitement and just a touch of desperation, Harry couldn’t really say no.

“Oh, alright Ron, you win,” Harry sighed and Ron clapped him on the back.

“Thanks Harry!” Ron beamed. “You’re such a good mate!”

“Yeah, well I suppose, but don’t think you’re not going to pay for this.” Harry grinned.

“Wouldn’t dream of it.”

Edit:I need an author tag please and thanks. :)

Art Rec-Ascendency

Title: Ascendency
Warnings:Dark Lord Harry,Dark Draco
Additional Notes:Dark lord!Harry. Harry has reached his breaking point in the war against Voldemort and once he's defeated him, he takes power for himself. He decides to make Draco his second in command.

I jumped at this prompt when I saw it. Love myself some dark lord!Harry. All he needs is a smitten, top!Draco to reel him in while giving him fashion advice.

Why I loved it:It blows me away with the detail and beauty in this scene. I am in awe of everything about this piece. The color-scheme, Harry's eyes, Draco's face their hair and the magic and just wow! The clothes on them are just sexy and the look in their eyes are smoldering. Harry is a dark lord and Draco his second in command. I always just adore a dark lord Harry with gorgeous dark Draco ruling by his side *swoons*

I need an artist tag please...Thank you

Fic rec-Buy A Heart

I am the reccer for this month and am starting it out with something hot, delicious, and so beautiful.

Title: Buy A Heart
Word Count:17,668
Summary:Draco's cock hardens as he looks at the invitation to the charity auction; his golden ticket to one wild night of desperate sex with Potter to get rid of this inexplicable obsession. His heart whispers that one night will never be enough, but Draco is beyond caring. All he knows is that he will pay any price to have Potter over and over again.

Why I loved it:This story was beyond sexy and set me on fire. I believe I had to remind myself to breathe or I would pass out. This was unbelievable and a must read. It is so many wonderful things and it has so much sexy times and emotions getting in the way. They both want to get each other out of their systems and find out it isn't working. To much is between them and wow is it hot.....So much porn and I was captivated by both Harry and Draco. Draco's inner monologues were beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. He pines and wants Harry desperately, willing to do anything.

And Harry is beautiful and their bickering is so friendly and flirty..... "Christ, Malfoy. Aren't you over-dressed for the occasion?" Potter huffs. He starts to remove Draco's clothes, button by button. "You've always been dramatic as fuck."

Please read this glorious,brilliant, amazing and wonderful story. :)))))))


Finally — the whisper of a keycard against the lock, the twist of the doorknob, and the slow swing of the door.

Draco's finger pauses on the glass, and his thighs clench inadvertently in a rush of excitement.

He's still sitting when Potter one two, come closer, won't you— enters his lair, stopping a few steps away from Draco.

"Malfoy," Potter says, his voice clear and his chin jutting in defiance. He meets Draco's gaze head-on, his eyes flaring momentarily behind his glasses.

Draco tilts his head and pulls on a silky smile. He unfolds his lanky frame, standing to step out from behind the table. A thrill sparks in him when Potter's eyes drop down the length of his body for a split second before snapping back to Draco's face.

Draco had spent too much time at Hogwarts observing Potter to miss that. His smirk still in place, he rests his right palm on the table, slides his left hand into his pocket and crosses his legs at the ankles. He's envisioned this scenario so many times in his head, aiming for the epitome of cool and collected, suave and smooth, although the pounding of his heart indicates the opposite.

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