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HarryDraco Storyroom

An HD Recc Community

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Provide quality recs by Harry/Draco fans

Welcome to the hd_storyroom!

This is a community that gives readers a chance to recommend fanfiction they have enjoyed and tell us why. Was it their characterization? The humor? The intensity? Draco's snarky wit or Harry's courage? Whatever it is, we want to know!

We also have a tag system that allows members to search for specific content or ratings that they wish to read.

Each month there is a designated reccer. Just sign up on the monthly sign up sheet to give it a go. We ask that monthly reccers post at least 1-2 recs for fic each week. <3

Although we will have a monthly reccer, we are also open to recs from all members at any time: 24/7. So please, bring your recommendations here!

Please use the following formats for all recommendations:



Alas, in every community there are rules, but luckily ours will be minimal:

1) All fics recced must be Harry/Draco centric! Recs for threesomes are allowed as long as h/d are 2 of the threesome.

2) Always use the above format to rec fics and art. If you wish to add additional information, feel free! Note: Failure to use the correct format will result in a friendly reminder from a mod. If you ignore the mod, your post will be deleted 48 hours after the reminder.

3) Please tag your recs with the following info:
  • Author/Artist
  • Era
  • Length
  • Rating
  • Rec type (fic or art)
  • Status (complete or WIP)

  • And if applicable:
  • Content
  • Genre

If you can't find an author tag for your fic, choose the "author:**need_new_tag_please**" tag, which will let the mods know to create one.

4) This is not a search community, but there are many other communities available such as: accio_hd_fics or harrydraco, etc.

5) The "Why I loved it:" section must be at least a paragraph long. Please do not write: "It was great!" and leave it at that. We want to know more!

6) Including an excerpt from the fic is completely optional, but a (short!) excerpt can help whet a reader's appetite for more. Please keep any excerpts under 500 words - ideally under 250. If your excerpt is longer than 250 words or contains NC-17 material, please place it under an lj-cut.

7) In order to show the utmost respect for the fics that you rec, please put thought and effort into your rec when writing it and ensure that your entry is relatively free of SPaG errors.

8) Warn for spoilers and put them under an lj-cut.


Like this community? Please pimp us ;p

Share your recs at hd_storyroom!

Any questions, concerns, suggestions, etc can be emailed to hdstoryroom@gmail.com <3



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